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As our company name suggests: We like Vodka. We like good Vodka. And we want you to like and ultimately have good Vodka too. So we partnered up with PSM to create something special.

500ml of Berlin’s finest distilled Vodka as a limited edition package with 6 SMV shot glasses featuring one of two unique, specially produced art-works.

The “Roots” Edition features the following:

  • 500ml of 46% strength Vodka distilled by Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur in Berlin

  • 6 SMV branded shot glasses with gold lettering

  • 1 exclusive Art Print by our senior artist Michal Ivan, screen-printed by hand on black paper with golden metal powder ink and finished with a clear matt coating

  • All contained in a hand-made, durable box

Each of the 55 strictly limited boxes come with a gold-printed inlay and 6% more alcohol than a normal vodka so we advise caution when consuming.  

Do not consume when pregnant, unhappy, overly happy, driving, flying, parenting, operating heavy machinery, breast-feeding, governing, controlling nuclear power-plants, piloting submarines, woodworking, performing surgery or tattooing a loved one.

Do consume in moderation, or whilst being tattooed, drawing, writing, playing, drinking, creating, fighting out of control wildlife, enjoying the company of others, eloping, divorcing, dancing, listening to good music or making love.

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